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Software Asset Management

Take control of your software assets and optimize their usage to drive efficiency and cost savings. By gaining complete visibility into your software inventory, automating workflows, and managing licenses more effectively, you can minimize financial and legal risks while increasing ROI. With SAM, you can also eliminate wasted software spend and prevent unnecessary purchases, resulting in significant cost savings for your organization. With the added benefit of ensuring software compliance and minimizing audit risks, you can rest easy knowing that you're always in compliance with licensing requirements. With ServiceNow SAM, you can unlock the full potential of your software assets and drive value across your organization.


SAM's powerful dashboards allow you to gain visibility into your software assets and track progress towards optimization, helping you to make informed decisions and achieve greater success in your software management efforts.


By leveraging SAM's optimization capabilities, you can reclaim software rights, reduce licensing costs, and achieve greater efficiency in your software management efforts, ultimately driving greater success for your organization.

Downgrade Rights

With SAM's downgrade rights feature, you can acquire the rights to the latest version of your software while still maintaining the flexibility to license earlier versions, allowing you to reduce costs and maximize the value of your software investments.


With SAM's licensing capabilities, you can take control of your software entitlements and reduce unnecessary costs, ensuring that you are only paying for what you need and maximizing the value of your software investments.

Discovery and Normalization

SAM's discovery and normalization features enable you to quickly and accurately identify the software installed in your environment, helping you to achieve greater efficiency and reduce the risk of non-compliance.


SAM's reconciliation process allows you to effortlessly track the compliance status of your software products and identify areas for improvement, empowering you to take action and achieve greater success in your software management efforts.