Service Mapping

Service Mapping utilises a “top-down” approach to map the underlying components of a business service.

Service Mapping utilises a “top-down” approach to map the underlying components of a business service. These components include applications, services, data storage and the infrastructure needed to enable a service such as Payroll, Claims Processing or Customer Service to be successfully executed.

“Top-down” means that the Service Mapping product maps dependencies between these components based on connections between them. Like Discovery, Service Mapping populates the CMDB with business service components. Customers typically implement Service Mapping to monitor the health of critical business services, minimise business service outages and be predictive in how they support and maintain vital services.

Benefits of Service Mapping

ITSM Process get more clear visibility on the impacted Business Application
It helps to point out where outages occur and the impact of those outages
Reduces the resolution time of infrastructure issues
With the minimum information from the Service Owners, Maps get built up very quickly
Relates the top-down Mapping of services in dynamically changing cloud environments

How can we help you?

Implementation: We will work with you to plan and implement Discovery Capabilities first (if they are not implemented already). As for Service Mapping, Discovery must be populating the data into CMDB. If Discovery is in place, we will work with you to prepare the roadmap of Mapping and the next steps. It is worth mentioning that Discovery and Service Mapping are good products, but they require oversight to ensure the services are returning accurate results. We may have to add new patterns/script to provide accuracy, or all components get added to the application model
Support: Once your solution is live, we are still here to help you and offer more than just a basic break/fix service

Discuss the benefits of Service Mapping

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