Event Management

Events, alerts, and information are generated from IT infrastructure continuously.

Events, alerts, and information are generated from IT infrastructure continuously; these generated events needs to be addressed appropriately and acted upon. Most of the Organisation will have several event monitoring tools available in the market to monitor the infrastructure. Event monitoring tools are isolated to the respective tools to handle and take appropriate remediation actions, but these tools are not able to:

  • Associate the event or alert with the CI 
  • Escalate the events to the right teams

The ServiceNow event management application helps to manage alerts and events that get generated by third-party monitoring tools. Event Management dashboard provides a consolidated view of all the events, generated alerts, and which application/infrastructure service gets impacted and the associated Incidents.

Benefits of Event Management

It filters incoming events to reduce noise and automatically generate alerts and associated Incident
There will not any duplicated Incident created by different Monitoring tools for the same issue
Teams working on Incident created by Event Management can see most of the information through Event Management Dashboard. They don't have to spend time looking for input into various monitoring tools related to that Incident

How can we help you?

Implementation: We will work with you to evaluate all the monitoring tools which are in place. Then we will check your existing CMDB and the CIs so that events get bind to the CI. We prefer Discovery to populate the CMDB. Then we will start implementing Even Management, integrate Monitoring Tools with it, configure event filters, alert, rules, etc
Support: Once your solution is live, we are still here to help you and offer more than just a basic break/fix service

Discuss your company's Event Management

We'll work with you to evaluate your current monitoring tools and implement best practice Event Management