We will get to know your business and IT strategy

We will work closely with you to get to understand your business and IT strategy truly. We will look at whether your business goals and objectives are aligned or not, and which technologies you are currently using, and how you are using them.

Our IT consultants can carry out the following assessments


If the process is not defined, poorly defined, or not appropriately followed cost businesses heavily. When the project is implementing the product, the process must get defined as part of the project. Our Consultants can evaluate existing processes to ensure they are configured correctly across different service areas/products to improve cross-process integration and coordination. We will also assess the team's to understand the balance between support & project-related activities. Demands are not always well-articulated or managed, particularly with many projects running, many tasks left out, etc.


Whatever challenges and requirements the client is facing, we will try to find which product will address that. And if there is a product already there, then we will check if the configuration of the products is carried out correctly or not? Is it good enough to cater if the load increases? What more we could fine-tune to enhance the capability or performance? Why that product is unable to address the challenges. Our Consultants have knowledge and expertise on a wide array of technology stack implementations such as IT Operation Management(ITOM), Configuration Management Database(CMDB), IT Service Management(ITSM), Common Service Data Model(CSDM), Event Management, Cloud Management, Server & Client Automation, Application Performance Monitoring(APM), among others market-leading technology vendors including ServiceNow, BMC and Dynatrace.

Both of our assessments will be carried out in a three-step method.

1. Intake
Interviews will be conducted with the relevant stakeholders to collect the data. Review existing documentation and data from the tools to find out the trend. By the end of this step, we will produce As-Is Document.
2. Analysis
Based on the data collected, we will identify the gaps. We will categorise each gap, such as Operational Gap, Process Gap or Technology Gap. Prepare a detailed description of the impact and criticality of each gap.
3. Recommendation
For each gap identified, we will provide recommendations along with the roadmap that includes days of implementation. Identify which suggestions are quick wins and give an immediate benefit.

There are notable benefits of having these assessments carried out

Strategic - Align infrastructure with business goals & strategy
Reduced TCO - Optimize initial infrastructure investment, maintainable in future
Reduced Time to Market (Agile, Flexible & Responsive) - Enable efficient implementation of new and diverse business applications
Increased Scalability - Allow leverage of infrastructure components without significant modifications to architecture
Enhanced User Experience - Deliver an integrated architecture for development, execution and operations
Secure - Protect all components in accordance with an established security policy

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