Why Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is all in one platform. Dynatrace Application Monitoring tool monitors and manages the performance of the software application. Along with that, it also ensures the availability of the software application. All the individual and business transactions are monitored intensely at the code level by dynatrace APM. It monitors actual data, application performance, cloud environment, and infrastructure.

What is Application Performance Management?

Application Performance Management is nothing but managing the user experience, performance and availability of the software application. APM not only monitors the software application but the systems and network infrastructure that support software application. It provides an end to end overview of potential bottlenecks and service interruptions. Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring and root cause analysis are the few methods used for APM.

APM gives an analytical view on every Application, which helps understand, and continuously improve the end-user experience.

Key Features

Dynatrace supports .NET and Java
End to end and code-level Monitoring is done by dynatrace APM
It delivers a better digital customer experience by understanding how the performance of an application is vital to business growth
It resolves problems proactively before the end-user gets impacted
This proactive approach has reduced the time to resolve the issue, and it also saves the resources used for identification and resolution of the problem
The performance issue is discovered using artificial intelligence

How can we help you?

Implementation: We will work with you to understand and guide what kind of implementation will work for you, Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatra
Support: Once your solution is live, we are still here to help you and offer more than just a basic break/fix service

Would you like to improve your digital customer experience?

We will work with you to understand and continuously improve your end user experience.