CMDB & Discovery

CMDB is at the heart of our Business Service Management Strategy (BSM).

CMDB must get updated regularly with accurate information. Most Organisations integrate different sources with CMDB like network monitoring, asset management tools, spreadsheets, etc; with Discovery, there is no need for such integration.

Discovery automatically locates the hardware, software, databases, middleware, cloud resources, Kubernetes clusters, dockers, etc in your data centre/cloud and uncovers configuration and relationship information. Discovery uses WMI, Powershell, SSH, SNMP, SMI-S, API, etc., protocols to discover the information.

CMDB is at the heart of our Business Service Management Strategy (BSM). It is the centralised, authoritative source, the single source of truth, where the IT infrastructure gets defined in a Business Service context. In other words, it is where IT management gets transformed into BSM. The CMDB holds two types of information: Configuration Items and the relationships between them – that's it.

A CMDB by itself is not very useful – its value gets unlocked when its good data (gathered from the suitable sources/tool) gets consumed by as many processes (Incident, Problem, Change, etc) as possible.

Discovery facilitates

Cost Savings by identifying underutilised assets
Improved Change Management Processes
Migration from a Data Center to another Data Center or DataCenter to a Public/Private Cloud of Servers/Applications make it easier. It can identify all application components that need to be move together as part of this migration
Faster Time-To Recovery if there is any Incident

How can we help you?

Implementation: We will work with you to plan and implement Discovery Capabilities
CMDB: We will work with you and guide you to decide which sources can be stopped or adjust the source's data precedence to populate CMDB data after Discovery is live. We will also change the IRE rules if other sources are still required to store data into CMDB alongside Discovery
Support: Once your solution is live, we are still here to help you and offer more than just a basic break/fix service

Unlock the value in your CMBD

If you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can help your business' efficiency through unifying people, process and technology, please get in touch.